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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a nice Christmas time. I can’t believe how quickly the year 2015 came and went. They do say that time seems to run faster the older you get, but this is ridiculous! I mean, last year only seem to have lasted about half a year, 7 months tops. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting old! Surely not!!

Anyway, we are heading towards spring now! Before that, however, we here in the Arctic are waiting for a cold front from Moscow. It’s -21C at the moment and by midweek it should be another 20 degrees colder. Did you see the full moon at Christmas? I didn’t because it was cloudy but I did take a picture two days earlier:

Almost full

I’ve never really thought about it but apparently this was very rare: the last time there was a full moon on Christmas Day was 1977. 2015 and 1977, not only saw the full moon, but also Star Wars. Is that a coincident?

The second picture was taken at the same time. It’s the moment before dark, apply called the Blue Moment. It was very misty on the other side of that hill. I was just coming from there. I was planning on taking pictures of the Christmas lights but it was too misty, so I didn’t. Back on the other side of the hill, on the side where I live, it was completely clear. Cold though, -24C at the time. A day later, 0C. It’s been a roller coaster.

Clear here, misty there

Almost every Christmas time I make at least one new candle holder. This time I recycled some empty glass jars. I cut out some pages from an old book, cut out an image in the middle and decoupaged the page onto the jar. Then I just tied some baker’s twine to the top. The holders look rather nice in the dark.



Merry Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2015 in This & That
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Merry Christmas All!

I picked these branches in the woods ages ago and finally got round to decorating them with crochet yarn. We don’t have a Christmas tree so these branches can do the job. I think they look Christmassy enough with the lights on, when it’s dark (which is most of the time).

Merry Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2014 in This & That

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015 from Suomi (=Finland)!

Here are the last of my Christmas cards. As you must have seen by now, I almost never make two of the same. For the last card, Santa on skis, I also made a matching necklace: a pair of skis. Talking of skis, I just read an article about skiing. As I might have mentioned before, Finnish children used to learn to ski before they learn to walk (yours truly included) but we are now getting a generation of children who can’t ski at all. The reason is that there isn’t enough snow every winter, especially in the south of the country. It’s not like skiing is a really important skill to have, but it’s kind of shocking: Finnish children who can’t ski! I’ve never heard such a thing before. End of an era, I guess. Still, plenty of snow up here above the Arctic for skiing, although getting a tad cold: -23C and dropping!

Grow your own snowman

Posted: December 14, 2014 in This & That
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The tag says: Snowman seeds. I don’t actually know how to grow them, but how difficult can it be? The bonus is that if it fails or you can’t be bothered in the first place, the seeds can be eaten. They taste of toffee.

More Christmas cards, anyone? Now you’ve seen all of this year’s Christmas cards. At least all of those I’ve done so far. No doubt I’ll make a few more yet.

Finally, here are some Christmas cards! Since I haven’t posted anything for such a long time, let’s do a real bumper-bag of a post. I almost never make two cards the same – hence the mixture. More to come. Honestly.