Drawing lessons

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Doodles, Zentangle
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I’ve always wanted to be able to draw really well. Unfortunately I’m not that good but what I lack in talent, I make up for in enthusiasm. Simple patterns are my favourites.


Happy New Year! Doglets are out today wearing baby socks. It’s -40°C today – courtesy of Siberia. This morning, before we put the socks on, Oskar refused to put more than two paws on the ground and therefore, had to be carried. They can stay outside a lot longer with the socks on. The masking tape around the ankles starts to freeze and crack pretty soon though but it’s still better than no socks. We have proper doggie boots too, but they come off just as easily and are a lot more difficult to put on 8 paws of two very excitable cockers. Roll on summer!


This is the last ATC from the Christmas calendar. The text says: Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!

Second last Christmas calendar ATC.

Not many to go now. This is the 22nd ATC from the Christmas calendar. The text says: Merry Christmas.

This is the 21st card of the Christmas calendar. It should be exactly like this here now but unfortunately it’s been raining, freezing, raining, freezing. All roads are covered in ice and it’s really slippy. Skates would be good now.

This is the 20th card from the Christmas calendar. The text says literally: “The Christmas’ star is definitive”. It’s from a song by a Finnish singer/song writer/author  Juice Leskinen, and the lyrics translation says this: “it is no doubt the star of the xmas”. The star in the song is a pig, which is the traditional Xmas food in Finland.