Today’s card, no 4 of the ATC Christmas calendar, is a snowy fox.

Xmas calendar day 3

Posted: December 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Here is the third Christmas calendar ATC. Snow – how imaginative of me🙂 We have about 30 cm (a foot) of the stuff now. Most of it came down quite recently and it’s easy to find untouched places to tramp through with snowshoes. In snow that deep it’s like an assault course. Such fun!

Hello again, here is the second Christmas calendar ATC. This cat is obviously local, looking at its clothing. It’s bitterly cold here today with a strong north wind which goes right through the bones.

Long time no see! I really am useless when it comes to posting stuff. I’m going to totally torture myself now by posting a Christmas calendar. This means a post every day until Christmas. The plan is that this would get me back into the swing of things.

Anyway, this Christmas calendar is an ATC swap I did with a friend of mine. The first card is a subtle hint to start knitting, if you’d like to finish all the gifts in time!

I felt something

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Knitting, Knitting & crochet

I’m typically always late with presents. Last Christmas was no different. Couple of weeks before Christmas I realised that there’s only couple of weeks before Christmas – and nothing ready. That’s when I usually spring into action. I grabbed my felting yarn and needles and knitted some quick and easy presents: potholders. I know they are a bit lame among fancy and expensive presents, such as new phones and cameras and such, but I can’t afford such presents. At least these are handmade and they come in handy in the kitchen.

The square potholders are knitted from corner to corner. Here is the pattern.

Felted potholders

Felted potholders

The star pattern is here. I used single yarn for the smaller one and double for the bigger one.

Felted Star-shaped potholders

Felted Star-shaped potholders

And the knobbly one can be made according to these instructions.

Felted potholder

Felted potholder

Apologies for the terrible quality of the pictures. Like I said, I was already very late with these and had no time to spare to get decent pictures. It’s the darkest time of the year too, but I’m sure you can see the idea.

I knitted some very, very tall socks. They go as far as the legs do. If only I had garters but I don’t and hence I used safety pins to keep the socks in place. Luckily I had tights underneath to pin the safety pins to. This was earlier in the winter when it wasn’t quite as cold as it is now. I would not go out wearing just tights and tall socks right now. Not even socks as tall as these.

If you want to make your own, the pattern can be found here.

Stripes with Docs

Probably doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s been rather wintery up here. Even the locals here wonder when the temperatures might go up a bit again. For a while it was about -40°C, then it stayed below -30°C, and then all of a sudden it went up to -14°C. On these latitudes that’s a heatwave! It was short-lived and the next day we were back down to -30’s. And it’s been like that ever since.

I’m a southerner and only been living up here for less than 10 years and I’ve never seen these sorts of temperatures AND thick cloud at the same time. Extreme cold has always come with clear skies previously. Strange.


These pictures were taken in -30°C. No wind luckily.


Walking on back country is not really possible without snowshoes. On the picture below is yours truly on a walkies Arctic style. I’m feeling not unlike the Michelin Man – I have layers on top of layers. It gets rather warm while walking but it’s amazing how quickly one cools down once stopped for taking pictures.

Winter style walkies

Cold on the outside but toasty on the inside!

Cold on the outside

See how cloudy it is? But, there’s the sun!! It’s getting higher and higher now and just two days ago the polar nights ended even in Utsjoki, which is the northernmost place in Finland. We’ll be blinded by the sun soon! Give it couple of months or so.

A speck of light

Still, I like winter. I must have said it many times. I wish that one day I could travel somewhere like Svalbard, Greenland or Alaska to see some proper winter stuff. We don’t even have any polar bears here🙂

Birch grove